Schedule of BKF organized events in 2014:

April 12 / 13 – International motocross „Baltic Sea Challenge Cup”, round of Latvia;
May 10 / 11 – round of Latvian Cup in motocross;
August 09 / 10 – World Championship in Sidecars Latvian Grand Prix + European Championship in Quads;
August 09 / 10 – international motocross for sidecars in following order:
           competition for Sidecar Seniors and Sidecar Veterans,
           competition for sidecars with air condition;
September 27 / 28 – Motocross of Nations.

Basics on Baltic Cup Foundation (BKF):

    Motocross has been one of the most popular sports of Latvia already for several decades. That is not based only on the success and traditions of Latvian motocross in the past, but also facilitated by the latest high achievements of Latvian riders in the European and World motocross championships as well as by regular organization of worldwide level motocross events in the territory of Latvia.

BKF has been organizing motocross events already for 23 years and has become one of the most active organizers in Eastern Europe.
Our internationally recocnized brand is motor centre „Zelta Zirgs” in Kegums, where every year events of not only national or Baltic level take place, but also European and World Championships in Motocross are held. Every Motocross event regardless of its measure is organized in such a manner that every motocross fan coming for the event in „Zelta Zirgs” gets the maximum of comfort , entertainment and enjoyment. In addition, moto centre „Zelta Zirgs” is daily available for riders practice.

According to the opinion of many riders, officials and motocross fans moto centre „Zelta Zirgs” is among the best in the world, and MX1 GP Latvia in Kegums was one of the best events in MX1 World Championship. Main premises for that is the perfect infrastructure of the motor centre, clean surrounding environment and the exciting track which is considered also as one of the most challenging in Europe. Another advantages of the motor centre is the perfect visibility of the track, which allows all fans to follow the full processes of the event for 100%, and the excellent general organization of the event.

Likewise positive feedback is received about World Championship events in Sidecars and European Championship events in Quads organized by BKF. By the way, moto centre „Zelta Zirgs” is the only track in Europe and in the world where World and European events in Solo, Sidecar and Quads motocross are held within one season.

However, as an outstanding achievement we should mention also the reserved rights to organize Motocross of Nations in motorcenter „Zelta Zirgs” in 2014 (Motocross of Nations is the top possible achievement in the world motocross. In addition, as a unique event it is the event of the year in the world of motocross, used to be called aslo as Olimpic Games of motocross).

Considering the international level and importance of BKF project, it is supported by Latvian Government, parliament and local municipalities in different ways.
     Considering the mentioned above, reasonably one may say that with its activities BKF has become a leader in the field of motocross event organization in Eastern Europe.